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When bras attack: Art bras fight cancer, putting a new twist on the support network

Who says that philanthropy can't be perky?

The Brazarre: An Artful Bras Event and Silent Auction, now in its second year, aims to raise awareness for cancer and funds for the upcoming American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life Greater Heights, commissioning local artists to create meaningful, cheeky bra pieces that take a stand against the disease. 

One such item? Robin Kirby's Screw Cancer.

Kirby, an artist and a musician, used a bra discarded by Sam VanBibber (who had undergone a mastectomy) as a starting point for her project, coating the garment in polyester resin before spiking it with screws. 

Jane Wiley Keep made Short Circuit from coils, diodes, transistors, diode and transistor connectors, copper wire, bead cabs, pink plastic Bubble Wrap and pink Le Mystere’.


Keep, a singer/songrwiter and artist, works with found objects and various media — specifically vintage electronics in assemblage and jewelry. 

Keep says that Short Circuit reflects her concern about plastic surgery and breast enhancements in teens. 

"Women's aspirations and inspirations should come from all realms and levels, and . . . we should work with the resources we are given," Keep said. "Greatest of all — our brains and our talents!"

Debbie Guelzow constructed the strapless Support On The Fly using lightweight modeling paste, acrylic paint, googly eyes, wire, hosiery and fishing line. 


Guelzow, a middle school and high school art teacher at YES Prep North Central, dedicates her art bra to her four grandparents affected by cancer. 

"Support systems come in all different forms, equally important and necessary for the recovery of cancer patients," Guelzow said.

"Oh, if only cancer were as easy to defeat as a small fly!"

Eric Harker's Mammary Warfare depicts a formidable female warrior, wielding a studded mace and a shield against the cancerous foe. He based this depiction on a friend who won her battle against breast cancer. 

Harker, a corrections officer by profession, told CultureMap that he has been painting since last September. He likes to create depth — here, using bullet-proof glass, on top of a bra, on top of a canvas. 

Taylor Clendennen named her bra for her grandmother: Flora Marcelle.

"Like my grandmother, this bra is beautiful, tough, radiant and one of a kind," Clendennen said. 

The free auction event will take place on Saturday from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at G Gallery, with catering by Liberty Kitchen Oyster Bar and live music by Westbound. 

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Event art work by Armita Pebdani.