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The Mrs. Carter Show: Beyoncé releases hot world tour teaser — and it's amazing

Beyoncé kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in Europe in mid-April and, unsurprisingly, it's going fantastically. Although Houston audiences have a few more months to wait, a teaser video released last week lets us know what to expect: Great hair, big pyrotechnics, high-energy dance numbers and one impossibly glittery jumpsuit.

That carefully-edited footage is the only side of the show you'll see, though. The Guardian is reporting that Queen Bey has banned professional photographers from the tour, and will instead give local news outlets access to an online bank of approved images from the tour's personal photographer.

Bey revealed a somewhat unusual penchant for self-preservation during an interview with GQ earlier this year, and that was before "unflattering" action shots snapped during her Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance caused meme melee.

As much as we liked all of that fierce, we can't blame her for wanting to censor. (Although, to be fair, most tours only allow photographers in the pit for the first song or two anyway.)

Will you be belting along to Beyoncé at the Toyota Center on July 15?

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