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Tour rumors, Jack White's 'woman problem,' Bon Iver erotica and more

Austin Photo Set: News_links we love_April  26 2012_jack white
Does Jack White have a ‘woman problem’? Courtesy photo

Here are the links we loved today:

The L lists 8 bands you need to hear.

Yale students have organized their own Hunger Games.

Fashionable ducks, for your enjoyment.

Wired wonders whether the Webbys are still really A Thing.

CNN’s tips for eating alone = journalism.

Good idea: Lifehacker suggests we clean out our Twitter app permissions. BONIVEREROTICA.TUMBLR.COM.

The Atlantic analyzes Jack White’s lyrics and wonders, does he have a ‘woman problem’?

Here’s an excellent, weird Craigslist car ad.

It’s time for more Smiths reunion rumors!

But this TLC tour (complete with Left Eye hologram) is 100% real.

The Empire Records cast, then and now.

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