Kimmel gets no respect

Alyssa Milano insists she's Twitter pure: Any sexy come-ons are legit

Alyssa Milano insists she's Twitter pure: Any sexy come-ons are legit

If Alyssa Milano tweets something sexy about you, she wants you to know it's legit. She really means it.

Milano — who's run the gamut from wide-eyed kid on Who's The Boss? to sexy (and very nude) star of D-list movies like Embrace of the Vampire and all the way back to legitimate grown-up TV star — feels the need to defend her Twitter honor after the nation assumed she was simply sucking up when she tweeted that Jimmy Kimmel was "dreamy." Milano did this on the same day she was appearing on Kimmel's show and it predictably turned into a bit — hence, the feeling in the Twitter community that Milano is pimping herself out on the social media tool.

Most celebrities would simply respond to that with "Whatever" or maybe even a "Duh" — because that's exactly how 95 percent of the people on Twitter use it.

But not Milano. She really loves Twitter and she's not going to take the idea that she's using it for self promotion lying down.

So Milano is firing back with her own pure Twitter campaign — on a weekend no less. "Well the interesting thing about Twitter is, if your heart is in it, it becomes a community," Milano told Showbiz Spy, "and I don’t think there’s a lot of communities any more in the world … maybe just in religious institutions and fans of sports teams.

“I have other accounts — I have an account for the television show and for the clothing line because I figure if they’re interested in that aspect of my life, then they can follow those accounts. But they’re not following my account to hear me talk about myself. I just try to share links that I find that are interesting, things that I think it’s important to empower people about."

Yes, Milano is very serious about this. It's funny to think that someone who's widely regarded as one of the hottest women on the planet is spending her weekend feverishly defending her Twitter honor.

You have to love the content of some of her tweets and the fact that she can apparently spell (not a celebrity tweet strong point). Her latest tweet posted 16 minutes ago: "Just read that the Vatacin has decided to forgive the Beetles. In related news, I've decided not to forgive the Vatacin."

Milano says that she tweets 12 to 22 times per day and calls it a problem.

This whole controversy is cute — unless you're Kimmel. A hot actress compliments his looks and is instantly deemed a shallow self promoter? The man did date Sarah Silverman (even if Silverman charges that Kimmel never even called her pretty).

The late night host is also rich and he can really cook (no kidding — Kimmel fancies himself as something of a near professional chef). Yes, Milano is probably still out of his league — but enough to cause a Twitter controversy?

Check out Milano's appearance on Kimmel and let us know: Harmless Twitter story or overt pandering to the talk show host?

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