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april 12

Links we love today: Nate Dogg's hologram, legalizing hard drugs, fake town names and more

Here are the links we loved today:

On the art of day drinking.

Now that I know a HOLOGRAM OF NATE DOGG will be performing at Coachella, I definitely want to go.

8 writing tips from Kurt Vonnegut.

In the Washington Post, George Will wonders, “Should the U.S. legalize hard drugs?”

LOLcats have been around since waaaay before the Internet.

Lil Wayne’s recording an album of love songs! Watch Wild Flag cover Fugazi’s “Margin Walker.”

The Billfold has five important bits of financial advice for young spenders. 

Fake Massachusetts town names.

Refinery29 lists their favorite female comedy writers.

Don’t Stop Believing,” as sung by classic movie clips:

Open Culture knows what we want: Alex Itin’s animation of Orson Welles reading Moby Dick, with images being drawn in the pages of Herman Melville’s classic, and with Led Zep providing the soundtrack and playing their version of “Moby Dick”:

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