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april 11

Links we love: Happy Jim Gaffigan Day! Also, Roseanne! Pizza trailers! Etc!

Here are the links we loved today:

Jim Gaffigan’s latest special, Mr. Universe, is available exclusively on today. Check out the trailer, watch the show, and listen to Gaffigan’s latest appearances on The Adam Carolla Show, Fitzdog Radio, The Nerdist and You Had to Be There

The Webby nominees have been announced!

Roseanne spoke to Sandra Bernhard for this month’s Interview, and it’s amazing.

Maybe spend some time on today?

Buzzfeed gives a brief biography of the #longread.

Important: The Simpsons’ Springfield is in Oregon.

The Daily Texan recommends a few of Austin’s pizza trailers.

Who said it: James Joyce or Kool Keith? Play to find out!

I know you're excited about this Married With Children... news.

Maybe relatedly, 43 reasons why Michael Musto can't watch TV anymore.

Some inspirational quotes from this year’s PSFK conference.

Darren Criss covers Sam Cooke, and now I understand why everyone is crazy obsessed in love with him:

A new video from Garfunkel and Oates:

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