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april 7

Links we love today: Paul Rudd is Mansome, James Franco has cornrows, Drake's bar mitzvah and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Morgan Spurlock’s latest doc, Mansome, will be a “hilarious look at men's identity through the exploration of male grooming habits” featuring Paul Rudd.

Food critic Jonathan Gold rates a nine-course marijuana dinner.

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Judd Apatow’s old photos are a comedy nerd’s dream.

Alex Blagg schools Hello Giggles on how to be cool.

The 2gether reunion is real! James Franco gets cornrows, sings Selena Gomez, continues to be confusing.

You didn’t know you wanted to see 20+ feet of bubble wrap get crushed, but now you can!

Funny or Die’s Hipster Games pit cool kids from Austin, Portland, Oakland and Silverlake against each other:

Drake’s new video, “HYFR,” re-creates a bar mitzvah:

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