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Scary Train Accident

It happened again! SUV collides with METRO train near Texas Medical Center, injuring 8 people

light rail, METROrail, train, SUV, crash, April 2013
An SUV collided with a MetroRail train Wednesday afternoon. Photo courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11
light rail, METROrail, train, SUV, crash, April 2013
Six transit passengers suffered minor injuries while two people in the SUV were rushed to nearby hospitals. Photo courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11

Just when you think Houston drivers have learned not to crash into the METRORail trains along the Main Street corridor, another accident occurs. 

The most recent one took place Wednesday afternoon when a southbound light rail train collided with a Ford SUV attempting to make an illegal left-hand turn at 5900 Main at Remington Lane near the Mecom Fountain.

METRO officials tell CultureMap that six transit passengers suffered minor injuries and were treated onsite. Two passengers in the SUV, however, were rushed to nearby hospitals. Their conditions remain unknown.

The driver of the SUV was ticketed for making an illegal turn soon after the accident occurred at 1 p.m.

METRORail faced short delays immediately following the accident. All trains currently are running on schedule, according to METRO authorities.

A light rail crash in the Texas Medical Center last September landed 10 people in nearby hospitals as a vehicle collided with a METRO train at Fannin and Cambridge near Hermann Park.

Another memorable accident occurred when a METRORail train derailed after colliding with a dump truck at the corner of Main Street and Capitol in 2011 directly in front of Ziggy's restaurant. Thirteen passengers, and both the train and dump truck driver, were sent to the hospital.

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