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april 1

Links we love today: Good fools, bad fools, a new OK Go video and more

Here are the links we loved today:

April Fools!

Funny or Die becomes Charlize Theron-centric for a day.

Very Mary Kate becomes Very Maggie Smith:

Google Maps, The Game:

Assuming Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Volcanic’ isn’t real, but cross your fingers anyways!

And, examples of people who didn’t quite get their Facebook prank right; Gawker readers’ best prank stories.

(Check Engadget for a more thorough round up.)

What if you could brew meals in K-cups? Ew.

This rumor about a possible Dan Harmon / Chevy Chase feud bums me out.

Maybe you would find FWD’s ‘Halp! How to text a person you would like to make out with’ helpful? Or, social media advice from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

Dan Kois profiles Peter Dinklage; NPR Music highlights the Boston Typewriter Orchestra.

Plus! A new OK Go video! Here’s “Skyscrapers”:

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