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march 28

Links we love today: Space Ducks, bowling ball art, Downton Arby's and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Daniel Johnston releases new iPad game, “Space Ducks.”

If you missed Bruce Springsteen’s SXSW keynote, here’s a full transcript.

Flavorpill’s field guide to French Ye-Ye pop is pretty great.

Bill Burr’s rant against alternative comedy is equally great, in a totally different way.

Magic Johnson to become partial owner of my second favorite team, the LA Dodgers.

Gross sodas; Bowling ball art; Deep thoughts from Lil B.

Zadie Smith’s On Beauty being adapted to film; Here’s an unpublished scene from David Foster Wallace’s Pale King.

From the BBC: A tiny puppy!  A huge sandcastle!

Confirmation of Twitter’s ‘unfollow bug’ great news for people pretending they didn’t mean to unfollow you on Twitter; Google’s Account Activity dash breaks down your productivity stats.

The AV Club interviews Eugene Mirman; The Village Voice on Whit Stillman.

Forbes uncovers un-shocking fact that The Onion is the most-read news source in three states.

UCB’s Matt Walsh stars in “Downton Arby’s”:

Moshe Kasher nailed it on Conan

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