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march 25

Links we love today: Jello music, the "Enemies" app, Masshole-sploitation and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Jenny Holzer's "Marquees" are unexpectedly beautiful.

Chris Allaire asks, has the Internet killed journalism degrees? 

Important read: The Rumpus' Roxane Gay on Trayvon Martin; Let's agree that "Black friend defends shooter of Florida teen" is the worst story, ever.  

BOMB interviews former Austinite / amazing writer Amelia Gray; The Observer excerpts ex-The Streets Mike Skinner's new memoirs; 10 free full-length stories

(Also amazing writer) Steve Almond explains the similarities between talk therapy and writing workshops.

How to turn Jello into music.

Girlie shit: Maybe you are interested in some hotties of the 90s? Or advice on how to not look like you've been crying (thanks, HelloGiggles?)

One Dallas professor has circumvented the "Dislike" button drama with his Facebook "Enemies" app.

Here's an hour and a half long doc on Jimi Hendrix, for your enjoyment; A Fugazi playlist, courtesy Aquarium Drunkard. 

Let's revisit this native Bostonian's favorite Mad Men spoof, MA Men:

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