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march 23

Links we love today: Caring about the campaign, learning about loans, 100+ ways to say 'drunk' and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Self-promotion alert: check out this guide to the Austin comedy scene I wrote for Splitsider. 

Howard Kurtz asks The Daily Beast, why don't we care about this campaign season?

Learn about your student loans and maybe lose less money.

100 awesome DJ namesMad Men mixtape: songs from the 60s.

Moving to caves is not as weird as it sounds. 

Things to buy: Marshall mini-fridge, car coffee maker.

Buzzfeed mines James Francos tumblr for the best entries so you don't have to.

(Creepy?) app Who's Near Me lets you call strangers...who are near you.

Doug Benson's latest, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, looks great: 

How many ways did Benjamin Franklin invent to describe drunkeness?

Sort of sad Blossom reunion:

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