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Good Riddance! iPads banned at a major concert venue, put in same class as weapons, laser pointers

Don't even think about bringing your iPad to the next concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, as it's the latest to be added to The Woodlands venue's no-no list, alongside weapons, laser pointers and portable television sets.  

The Pavilion's rules now dictate that "Tablets, such as iPads and Kindles, are not permitted in the venue because they are a distraction to other guests and the artists." (The Houston Press first noticed the change.)

Courtney Galle, a spokesperson for the Pavilion, tells CultureMap that they began informing guests of the new policy "in the later part of last season." Toyota Center has also been recently known to confiscate personal tablets. 

Why would you bring a tablet anyway? Besides the device's inherently annoying bulk, the bright, stage-blocking screen is sure to earn you more ire from fellow audience members than the 7-foot-tall guy who insists on standing on the front row.

Plus, the photos tend to turn out pretty poorly — trust us, your iPhone will serve you better.

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