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Jimmy Kimmel, Rick Perry and pot collide in Austin for a classic South by Southwest moment

Gov. Rick Perry on Jimmy Kimmel
Rick Perry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 11 during SXSW in Austin. Photo via YouTube
Gov. Rick Perry on Jimmy Kimmel
Rick Perry called Austin the blueberry in Texas' tomato soup. Photo via YouTube

Texas Gov. Rick Perry didn't exactly receive a warm reception when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Austin. The SXSW crowd offered up loud boos for the state's longest serving governor, which confused Kimmel.

"They're your people. I don't know what's going on," Kimmel said. "What have you done to make these people dislike you so intensely?"

 "They're your people. I don't know what's going on. What have you done to make these people dislike you so intensely?" 

Perry laughed off the disapproval. "Austin is kind of the blueberry in the tomato soup of the state. It's a little different than the rest of the place," he said.

This comment was one of many to draw cheers from the audience, who also reacted favorably to Perry's comments on decriminalizing marijuana. "You don't want to ruin a kid's life for having a joint," Perry said. 

Kimmel asked Perry if he'd ever smoked pot, and the conservative politician said no, but he was familiar with the scent. "Snoop Dogg was here last night, and he was in the same room as you," Kimmel said.

"I know, I can smell it," Perry responded.

When Kimmel pressed Perry about his presidential ambitions, the outgoing governor was curiously coy about his plans. Kimmel pointed out that Perry's first presidential run "didn't go that great."

"America is a great place for second chances," Perry said with a smirk.

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