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Why is The Band Perry singing Whitney Houston's hits? Rodeo show full of curious choices

The Band Perry Kimberly
The Band Perry was pumped about it's RodeoHouston performance. But some of the song choices left many shaking their heads. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
The Band Perry dip
A little bit country and a little big rock and roll? The Band Perry just wants to have fun. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
The Band Perry hair
Kimberly Perry certainly got into playing to the Houston crowd. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
The Band Perry rodeo
The sibling trio of The Band Perry were playing the Rodeo again. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
The Band Perry Kimberly
The Band Perry dip
The Band Perry hair
The Band Perry rodeo
Jayme Lamm, head shot, column mug, January 2013

If there's one thing for sure, it's that The Band Perry has had much success with hit songs like "If I Die Young" and "Better Dig Two."

Band Perry's RodeoHouston show Saturday night made it clear the sibling trio from Nashville should probably stick to their own tunes, rather than trying to bust out a Whitney Houston hit (written by Dolly Parton) or one of the pop songs by Fun, "Some Nights." The only saving grace in having lead vocalist Kimberly Perry try to belt out Whitney Houston's signature song is her adding Houston to the end of the "I Will Always Love You" so that it's "I Will Always Love You, Houston."

That got the hometown crowd to liven up a bit.

Band Perry's Rodeo show made it clear the sibling trio from Nashville should probably stick to their own tunes.

Whether the sound was off or someone in the family wasn't feeling up to par, it wasn't the best performance by Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry. I know this because last year's Rodeo performance was pretty spectacular. The crowd for this Saturday night show was even larger than the Friday night audience for  Tim McGraw, but these were 71,719 mild-mannered and lethargic fans (myself included).

My favorite quote from the 12-song set? Same as last year.

"Daddy rocked us to sleep with the Rolling Stones; Mama woke us up with Loretta Lynn. So we get it honest," Kimberly Perry says in explaining the trio's musical style, which at least came through a little early in this Saturday night. The Band Perry throws out a classic country style of music while still keeping a rock and roll edge to their sound, which is rare in the country genre.

Set List:


"You Lie"

"Miss You Being Gone"

"All Your Life"

"Forever Mine"


"Fat Bottom Girls"

"Double Heart"

"Postcard From Paris"

"If I Die Young"

"Some Nights/Night Gone"

"Better Dig Two"

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