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march 8

Links we love today: Goats in sweaters, Taylor Kitsch does James Dean, astounding facts and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Baby goats in sweaters, running.

May I interest you in some Motorhead Shiraz?

Taylor Kitsch does James Dean in this Texas-themed photo shoot.

New ABC pilot American Judy pairs Ken Marino with Judy Greer; Apparently, Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen’s divorce wasn’t very amicable.

Matthew Weiner talks about the upcoming season of Mad Men.

What’s the most astounding fact that Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s ever heard?

Oh, you know you want to learn about models’ secret beauty tricks.

But if France bans child beauty pageants, they’ll have no Toddlers and Tiaras!

Kumail Nanjiani totally killed on Conan last night:

Get ready for Community’s return with this extended trailer:

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