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A new national anthem, a new Daily Show host and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Hand sanitizer-resistant bacteria "superbugs" are real and terrifying.

Pigeons and Planes lists the 50 most influential indie bands.

Make your very own Lego Stephen Hawking.

Buzzfeed tracks down some of the weirdest shoes of all time.

William Faulkner's lessons on writing fiction.

Some of the crazier things Morrissey's said.

Maybe you would like to sign this official White House petition to make an R. Kelly song the national anthem?

Flavorwire ranks bizarre rapper name changes.

Get ready to watch John Oliver host The Daily Show for a few months this summer.

The A.V. Club remembers music videos we probably shouldn't have been allowed to watch.

Tom Scharpling auditions new Postal Service members:

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