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feb. 26

Links we love today: The Oscars, and other things

Here are the links we loved today:

Nothing will ever be as good as the Dan Harmon / Ben Schwartz / Rob Schrab-penned 81st Academy Awards opener; HuffPo Comedy predicts presidential candidates’ Oscar picks; Let’s talk about the Drive soundtrack!

Follow this: @BBtheorytheory, offering “Blind guesses at plots to episodes of CBS's The Big Bang Theory, never having seen the show.”

The Hindu interviews Open City author Teju Cole.

Explore how fermented tea drink kombucha is made (spoiler alert: it’s kinda gross).

Reddit has crowdsourced a ‘Free Internet Act’ that pretty much throws copyright out the window.

Adam Sandler earns a record-setting 11 Razzie noms.

Bryan Cranston’s Breaking Bad shoes (& Bryan Cranston in general) = badass.

Mother Jones writer Tim Murphy chronicles his couch-surfing trip across America.

Maybe you want to watch some free Sergei Eisenstein films?

Seth Rogen's Independent Spirit Awards opener

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