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The Russian ghost cruise, odd book titles, a baby giant armadillo and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Eric Clapton takes us on a tour of his guitars, and his personal musical history.

This "Russian ghost cruise" story is fascinating/terrifying.

After looking at these awesome laser-cutter projects, we kind of want one...

Did you know Bruno Mars was an Elvis impersonator as a child, and that Pauly Shore interviewed him?

Panera Bread is testing out new "pay what you want" restaurants.

Comedy trio The Grawlix has released an online mix tape.

This baby giant armadillo is way cuter than it sounds.

The candidates for "Oddest Book Title of the Year" have been announced.

Splitsider's counting down the best coming of age characters.

Paste lists its favorite David Foster Wallace quotes.

Is Apple basically making a high tech slap bracelet?

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