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Tim and Katy, sittin' in a tree

Let's make Katy Perry and Tim Tebow happen: Why two good-looking kids for Christ should make a go of it

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Tim Tebow
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Katy Perry and Russell Brand
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Katy Perry "Tebowing" during her performance at the DirecTV party before the Super Bowl Photo via

I have a long-standing belief that fans have the power to will celebrity happenings into being. Maybe it's the thirst for fame that allows them to sense our most desperate gossip wants, but couplings and break-ups, even third-world adoptions can be precipitated, in my mind, by the urging of fans.

So please, join me in making Katy Perry and Tim Tebow happen. It would be like supposedly virginal Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake all over again — and god knows those were the glory days — except with a prettiest girl in school/quarterback bend.

 Think on it: Both are staunchly Christian, both are good-looking and both are available.  

Think on it: Both are staunchly Christian, both are good-looking and both are available. And Katy already seems into it, prancing around all Super Bowl weekend dedicating songs to Tebow ("Peacock," no less) and telling him hello from her parents.

And where Russel Brand's sardonic cynicism of her parents' fundamentalist beliefs is rumored to have been a source of tension in their marriage, Tebow's five-plus prayers a game and propensity to wear bible verse would go over well in the Hudson house.

It's a SNL sketch waiting to happen match made in heaven, dontcha think?

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