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Links we love today

Beyoncé's best moves, browsing The Red Carpet Project and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Learn about the weird things Daniel Day-Lewis has done to prepare for roles.

The founding fathers drank how much?

Feel better about your quarter life crisis with this list of what stars were up to at 25.

The Red Carpet Project, hosted by The New York Times, collects years of easily searchable awards show fashion.

Learn Beyoncé's best dance moves.

Get ready for Roseanne's new show.

Was Manti T'eo's hoaxer for real on Dr. Phil?

Twin Peaks fans will love this audio collection of all Agent Cooper's notes to Diane.

David Attenborough fans, get excited: Everyone's favorite nature documentarian has picked the professor who'll replace him.

And now, cats on treadmills:

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