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Houston's own Matt Bomer hailed as next Ryan Gosling: New male stripper movie aims to prove it

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Matt Bomer of White Collar Courtesy of USA Network

Our definitions are fluid here; we claim things as convenient. And so, despite our (OK, my) general disinterest for all things OTL, in the case of Matthew Bomer I'll make a happy, panting exception.

The White Collar star, who hails from Spring, is already being hailed by some as the second coming of Ryan Gosling. Both men are young, dashing, dapper, and seem to be able to unbutton a three-button suit with such debonair flair that it makes our inhibitions melt like buttah.

Bomer's upcoming mostly-naked role in Magic Mike (the much-ballyhooed flick that will co-star Channing Tatum in a semi-biopic of that star's past as a male go-go dancer) might well position him in the same echelon that Gosling's shirtless turn in Crazy, Stupid Love did him.

And to prove his serious acting chops (a la Gosling's Drive, The Ides of March), Bomer's also lined up a role as New York Times fashion writer Felix Turner (and Mark Ruffalo's boyfriend) in The Normal Heart, to be adapted by Glee's Ryan Murphy.

Tell us: Do you think Bomer has Gosling potential? While you're making up your mind, check out the vid of 2011's best shirtless performances again, above.

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