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Links we love today: Banning pajamas, Improv Everywhere, the manic pixie myth and more

Links we love today: Banning pajamas, Improv Everywhere, the manic pixie myth and more

Assistant Editor Samantha Pitchel reads everything so you don’t have to. Here are the links she (and we) loved today:

Over at McSweeney’s, Ben Greenman gives you a day’s worth of facts to get you through the SOPA blackout.

Is this snarky Village Voice headline going too far?

WeAreThe99Percent.tumblr.com shares compelling stories from real people.

The Gloss asks, why are manic pixie dream girls getting dumber?

In 60 years, we’ve gone from idolizing women who were absolutely certain that they could do everything but back-flip-flops and Hollywood assuming that those would be the women who would set you free, to idolizing women who somehow made it 27 years without realizing that you don’t wear overalls to fancy restaurants. This seems like… it should have gone the opposite way?

Harris Wittels and June Diane Raphael cast in new Sarah Silverman pilot; Elizabeth Banks to star in live action Tinkerbell movie.

Ban on wearing pajamas in public proposed by Louisiana priest:

"The moral fiber in our community is dwindling… If not now, when? Because it's pajama pants today, next it will be underwear tomorrow." 

Flavorwire’s 10 most anticipated Sundance premieres; six amazing painting apps.

The Rumpus interviews actor Giuseppe Andrews; Splitsider interviews Angry Boys’ Chris Lilley.

Adam Voorhes’ typography photography for Texas Monthly; Weegee’s iconic murder photographs to be displayed in New York.

Marvel at these teddy bear rugs; also, this Jello origami.

Teens sharing passwords as a sign of affection? (Bad idea, guys. Bad. Idea.)

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark producers suing former director Julie Taymor, “claiming she developed a ‘hallucinogenic’ show.”

How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor publishing an addiction memoir billed as “Eat, Pray, Love for those who would rather be reading McSweeney’s.” (His drug of choice? Ayahuasca, an Amazonian hallucinogen.)

Citrus tree disease plaguing the south spreads to Texas:

The disease leaves the fruit safe to eat and poses no threat to human health but attacks a tree's vascular system, reducing fruit size and affecting color, sometimes causing fruit to drop before ripening, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Psst: The Millions points out that all of Stephen Fry’s Quite Interesting has been uploaded to YouTube.

Hitler’s “forest lair” to become tourist attraction.

Writer Jennifer Weiner evaluates 2011 in New York Times book reviews…of female-authored titles.

Pico Iyer joins “On Point with Tom Ashbrook” to discuss the importance of “unplugging.”

Betabeat profiles Buzzfeed co-founder Jonah Peretti:

Perhaps you remember BlackPeopleLoveUs.com, the website of a white couple who protested too much? Or maybe the Rejection Line, a fake phone number that let suitors down easy with a soothing voicemail? Both were weekend projects Mr. Peretti cooked up with his sister Chelsea, a stand-up comedian and writer for Parks and Recreation —experiments designed to see if he could replicate the viral effect. 

You’ve only got about 50 more hours to donate to Improv Everywhere’s Kickstarter:

New Santigold video for single “Big Mouth”: