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Much better than a whiny Adele: The best music you've never heard

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Lost & Found radio looks to throw music on its side. Photo via KBOO.FM
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Courtesy of Lost and Found Radio
News_Lost and Found Radio_albums
News_Lost and Found Radio_logo
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Tired of hearing the same old same old on the radio?

Between the exceedingly whiny Adele who can’t understand why her ex-boyfriend doesn’t want to still be friends to Maroon 5 serenading us with a very disturbing image of Mick Jagger’s tongue, the music coming out of the speakers can have us quickly reaching for a CD, or Pandora.

Fortunately there is a sanctuary of remarkable music for people who want to hear something other than “Sweet Home Alabama”. Say hello to Lost and Found; a nationally syndicated radio program that plays “the best music you never heard” (Lost and Found airs Sunday mornings from 8 to 11 on FM 103.7).

Lost and Found is hosted by Luke Crampton and offers a widely entertaining assortment of music from artists around the world. It’s like hanging out in a used record store with old friends swapping new found music to check out. Crampton is a veritable wealth of knowledge who walks you through the world of undiscovered music with the ease of someone who genuinely enjoys freeing these hidden gems from obscurity. 

Where else would you hear the smoky-voiced Nellie McKay singing a wonderfully sexy “If I ever had a dream” paying tribute to Doris Day or “Love has left the room” by Nina Persson performing under the name A Camp? How do you explain the genius of a Ross Cooperman, a wildly talented singer songwriter whose songs are in a league with John Mayer and Dave Matthews, but who can’t seem to get a sniff of airplay?

Listening to Lost and Found makes you appreciate the fine line that exists between being the rock star Nickelback sung about and that terribly talented musician who doesn’t have the luck, timing, right promotion, (you fill in the blank) to get noticed.

You need to have both hands on the wheel when listening to Lost and Found.  From The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, to Aaron Neville, to Graffiti6 and Smoove & Turrell (Google these guys to hear some really great funk), there is no style left unturned. And yes, Crampton does play Adele as well, but he digs deep into the playlist to find that rare nugget you won’t hear on the radio.

So make a pot of coffee, grab the Sunday paper and get ready to be entertained, informed and impressed by the best music you never heard.

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