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Links we love today: Barbie peddlers, explaining Lana Del Rey, Rick Perry on Moses and more

Links we love today: Barbie peddlers, explaining Lana Del Rey, Rick Perry on Moses and more

Assistant Editor Samantha Pitchel reads everything so you don’t have to. Here are the links she (and we) loved today:

Happy MLK day: Explore The King Center’s digital archives; 30 iconic Civil Rights Movement photos.

Last week, the New York Times profiled late-night comedy booker Eddie Brill, whose response to the question “How come there aren’t more female comics on [Letterman]?” drew sharp criticism; now, Brill responds and attempts to explain.

Comic Todd Glass comes out on Marc Maron’s podcast.

Well, this is a thing: Kenny G’s sax cruise to Alaska; Lil Wayne debuts new “fashion” line TRUKFIT; Iran cracking down on Barbie peddlers; get ready for Glee's Saturday Night Fever episode.

This MRI-powered robot is terrifying/amazing; giant spider terrorizes space shuttle.

The upcoming Mad Men premiere is going to be two hours long, and it was written by Matthew Weiner *swoon*

How to customize your iPhone inside and out, thanks to Lifehacker; new Apple store in France designed to look “almost invisible.”

Required reading from The Observer: “Explaining Lana Del Rey to your roommate: A short play.”

Controversial new app “Angry Brides” centers on dowry drama.

New episode of podcast Comedy Bang Bang with guests Nick Offerman and James Adomian; new episode of gaming podcast The Indoor Kids, featuring guest Chris Hardwick.

Got a spec script? Storyboard.tv script competition open for submissions.

SOPA is dead, but PIPA lives on.

Rick Perry can relate to Moses:

 “Moses, he tried to talk [G]od out of making him go lead the people,” Perry told the crowd of about 300. “He wasn’t a good speaker. Now, from time to time I can relate to that.”

First photos from upcoming films, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Hunger Games and more; five ridiculous origins of movie sound effects.

Arcade Fire’s ACL set now streaming online; new song from Saddle Creek rockers Cursive; Ted Leo reports that Lookout! Records is dead.

I think we can all agree: Adrien Brody looks a little ridiculous on the Prada runway; tour Johnny Cupcakes latest retro, bakery-inspired T-shirt shop.

Is high self-esteem ruining kids’ productivity?

[A]n increasing number of teachers are weaning themselves from what some call empty praise. Drawing on psychology and brain research, these educators aim to articulate a more precise, and scientific, vocabulary for praise that will push children to work through mistakes and take on more challenging assignments.

Relatedly, my favorite sketch from SNL this week — the hilarious-cause-it's-so-apt “You Can Do Anything!”:

Also on point: "Shit Austinites Say," the latest from Possumbox: