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Babies! The Woman's Hospital of Texas celebrates a record year with its 10,000th delivery

Baby_Texas Woman's Hospital of Texas_10,000
Moriah Kiser, daughter of Becky and Chris Kiser, was the 10,000th baby to be born this year at The Woman's Hospital of Texas. Courtesy of The Woman's Hospital of Texas

The Woman's Hospital of Texas celebrated an exciting milestone today — for the first time in the Houston hospital's history, they delivered 10,000 babies in one year.

The lucky baby was Moriah Kiser, daughter of Becky and Chris Kiser, who was born at 1:08 a.m. on Friday.

When hospital officials realized last month that they would reach the 10,000 mark this year, they launched a "baby tracker" on their website and announced a plan to present the lucky family of baby number 10,000 with a basket full of baby items and gifts.

The Kisers, who were due in late December, realized that they could potentially be in the running and checked the online tracker constantly. 

"As time went on, it became more exciting," Becky Kiser said. "As we got closer and closer, it went from the possibility of being one out of thousands to one out of less than ten."

"Having the 10,000th baby was a lot of fun," Becky Kiser said. "But we would have won the prize regardless." 

When the day arrived, their nurses and doctors were rooting the Kisers on. The couple, who admit to having a competitive streak, received updates from staff members as each new baby was born and the competition became increasingly closer.

"I was in the middle of pushing when they announced that the 9,999th baby had been born," Kiser said. "Then they told me that another woman was going in for a C-section, and then I finally pushed again and we were number 10,000."

The Kiser family had friends and family members around the country rooting for them on Twitter and Facebook as well. "It's been a blast of a day," Kiser said.

"You don't hear people say that about giving labor very often," Linda Russell, Woman's Hospital CEO, joked.

But for the Kisers, welcoming Moriah into the world is a gift regardless of the hospital's celebration. "Earlier in the pregnancy, there were some potentially bad signs," Chris Kiser said.

The couple has another daughter, but due to some health issues Becky had in college, doctors always told them that having children would be unlikely.

"Having the 10,000th baby was a lot of fun," Becky said. "But we would have won the prize regardless."

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