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Breastfeeding flash mobs rock Target: Angry moms take it to the boobs in charge

Moms in Philidelphia "before latch on." Photo via @PghMilkTruck
Mississippi moms. Photo via @gracelings
breastfeeding mom

"A mother is entitled to breast feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be."

So reads a Texas state law on the oft-debated issue. But just because it's written into the books doesn't necessarily mean that a mom will be treated with respect while breastfeeding in public. 

Friendswood resident Michelle Hickman tells KHOU she was shopping at the Target in Webster on Nov. 29, when her 4-month-old son, Noah, became hungry and fussy. She sat down in a remote part of the women's clothing section, covered up with a large blanket and began breastfeeding. Two female Target employees harassed Hickman, and even after a later phone call to corporate headquarters, Target refused to apologize. 

As many lactation-centered injustices do, the story and the outrage spread. More mothers shared stories about similar issues with Target employees. 

Hickman and thousands of other breastfeeding mothers across the nation decided to stage a form of matronly protest.

The result was a literal flash mob: On Wednesday, moms met up at more than 100 Target stores in at least 35 states (including the one in Webster) to stage a 10 a.m. "nurse-in" at the popcorn-scented food court, the in-store Starbucks or just in the middle of the aisles while browsing the post-holiday sales. As they're allowed to do. 

Did you participate or see the display first-hand? Does public breastfeeding make you uncomfortable?

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