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Car window shooting spree puts The Heights on edge: And the mayhem's spreading

Car window shooting spree puts The Heights on edge: And mayhem spreads

car window shot out bullet hole cracked glass
More than 20 cars in the Heights had windows shot out during a vandalism spree on Sunday night. (File photo) Photo by Tim Patterson

More than 20 cars were damaged as windows were shot out overnight in the Heights neighborhood.

The vandalism was first noted on Sunday night on Twitter, and according to user @HoustonHeights, most of the vandalized vehicles were located on Euclid Street, Bayland Avenue, Woodland Street, Reagan Street and Florence Street. Police were reportedly looking for a white Dodge Durango or Dakota with a black camper attached.

In terms of damage, some cars lost only one window while others lost them all.

Harris County Pct. 1 Chief Deputy J.C. Mosier tells the Chronicle it appears the suspect or suspects used an air rifle to shoot pellets or BBs at vehicles. According to Mosier, the shootings mainly took place between 9 p.m. and midnight on Sunday.

Twitter user @neilsegel also reported that several cars in Midtown were vandalized in the same manner and a storefront window was damaged as well.

If the perpetrators are caught they could be facing misdemeanor malicious mischief and property damage charges.