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Bizarre Doc Love Triangle

Bizarre love triangle has one prominent Houston doctor condom attacking the home of another

Baylor College of Medicine
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An apparent love triangle between three area doctors reached a boiling point on Sunday, when a prominent ER physician broke into the house of her rival to scrawl creepy messages on a bathroom mirror.

Court documents claim that Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher — a 42-year-old medical director at the Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Center and a professor at Baylor College of Medicine — was caught on video surveillance as she kicked through a doggy door at the West University home of her husband's co-worker, radiologist Dr. Marcelle Mallery.

She told Mallery she was "going to beat her fucking ass" and  "dislocate her vagina."

Thanks to an advanced phone call from Siler-Fisher's husband Brandon Fisher, Mallery left the home with her children just before the incident. As Siler-Fisher drove to the house, she called Mallery twice to tell her she was "going to beat her fucking ass" and that she planned to "dislocate her vagina."

After breaking into the upscale home, Siler-Fisher used red lipstick to write "homewrecker" and "whore" across a washroom mirror and, according to KHOU Ch. 11, left a trail of unopened condoms on the staircase.

During the raid, Mallery says she received a text message from Siler-Fisher that included a picture of her bedroom taken from inside the West U home. A barrage of threatening texts continued through Monday, when Siler-Fisher was arrested on misdemeanor charges for harassment and trespassing.

Siler-Fisher was released on a $2,000 bond and is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

In an email statement to CultureMap, representatives with the Baylor College of Medicine call the incident "a private matter" that does not reflect on the doctor's work at the College.

Watch the KHOU Ch. 11 report:

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