Kid Fun

John O'Quinn companion lends jaw-dropping pedal car collection to Children's Museum

The Children's Museum of Houston is paying homage to a child's first set of wheels with its newest installation, Remember Your First Car?, which will be on display through March 24, 2013. 

That exhibit features more than 100 vintage children's pedal cars from the collection of Darla Lexington, longtime companion of late Houston lawyer John O'Quinn. 

Lexington and O'Quinn were avid car collectors, and the pair had plans to open a car museum in Houston with more than 800 classic models before his death in a car crash in Oct. 2009. 

"[When I was a young girl,] my sister and I used to dress up and pretend to go shopping at Foley's in our pedal cars," Lexington told the Children's Museum of Houston of her initial impetus to collect. 

Highlights from the collection include an original 1927 Cadillac and a 1952 Fire Chief Truck, with the oldest miniature model dating back to 1910.

The pedal cars, which were purchased from a collector in Maine, span from that turn-of-the-century model to specimens from the 1980s. 

Remember Your First Car? is on display in the John P. McGovern Kid's Hall for children to see — but not touch — through March 24, 2013.