Election 2014

Texas remains true red: Greg Abbott trounces Wendy Davis in governor's race

Texas remains true red: Abbott trounces Davis in Texas governor's race

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott coasted to victory over Wendy Davis to become the next governor of Texas. Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott trounced his Democratic opponent State Sen. Wendy Davis to become the next governor of Texas, although the vote count was much closer in Harris County.

Statewide, Abbott outpolled Davis by 20 points (with 88 percent of the vote counted) but in Harris County, he nipped Davis by 51 percent to 47 percent.

"The people of Texas have spoken and I am deeply honored to be your next Texas governor," Abbott said to a cheering crowd, adding that he had spoken to Davis. "I thanked her and told her what I want to tell you, whether you voted for me, against me, or didn't vote at all, I am going to work every single day to keep Texas the best state in the United States of America."

Republicans won all contested statewide races and virtually all such races in Harris County. In the most hotly fought race in Harris County, District Attorney Devon Anderson appears to have staved off a tough challenge from attorney Kim Ogg to win election. Anderson won 53 percent of votes to Ogg's 47 percent.

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