Houston Proud

19 things that make every Houstonian proud

19 things that make every Houstonian proud

J.J. Watt Katy Perry Texans
Even though the Texans are having a dismal season, JJ Watt, shown here in an ESPN photo with Katy Perry, still makes us proud. Courtesy of ESPN Magazine

During the 1980s oil bust, there was a much-derided effort to tout the city with the slogan, "Houston Proud." It fell flat because most Houstonians didn't feel like it was necessary to shout out the reasons we love the city, even in the toughest of times.

Even so, we were taken by this snazzy infographic that the folks at Lawnstarter recently sent with 19 things that should make every Houstonian proud. It's nice to be loved, even if it comes from a lawn service company.

We can't argue with any of them, but only 19? There are a lot more reasons than that. If you have others, let us know in the comments section below.

19 Things That Make Every Houstonian Proud