A Ghoul Time For All

Get your ghoul on: Houston among best cities in nation for Halloween parties

Party on: Houston among best cities in nation for Halloween bashes

15 Bobby Lesaile, from left, Rachel Kay, Aymee Lynn and Randi Murray at the CultureMap Halloween party at Mr. Peeples October 2013
Texans sure love their Halloween parties, as these four showed last year at a CultureMap party in Houston. Photo by © Chinh Phan/CultureMapSNAP.com

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, many people will be looking to let loose at a great party. Luckily for Texans, several Lone Star cities rank among the best for Halloween bashes, at least according to NerdWallet.

Now, this list doesn't apply for anyone headed over to a friend's house; opinions on those can and will differ wildly. Rather, NerdWallet, in collaboration with Eventbrite, focused on events that you have to pay to attend, honing in on two factors: How many people have already bought tickets (as of October 8) and the average cost of those tickets.

 For you party procrastinators, check out this guide to 10 great Halloween parties in the Bayou City. 

Turns out that Texans love a spooky soiree, landing five cities in the top 21 — the most of any state. San Antonio leads the way at No. 3, followed by McAllen at No. 13, Houston at No. 18, Austin at No. 19 and Dallas at No. 21. For you party procrastinators, check out this guide to 10 great Halloween parties in the Bayou City.

San Francisco and New York City came in at No. 1 and 2, respectively.

Of the five Texas cities, you're going to shell out the most to go to a Halloween party in Dallas; tickets average more than $40 per person. Let's hope that includes some awesome amenities, or Dallas partygoers are in for an unexpected fright.

That's nothing compared to the Houston suburb of Spring, though, where parties average a whopping $197.32 per person, the second highest in the nation. A NerdWallet spokeswoman said the ranking is based on based on Halloween events listed on EventBrite from 2013 and 2014 (as of Oct. 8).

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