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Houston mayor sounds off on backwards thinking DPS denying daughter a license for having gay parents

Houston mayor sounds off DPS denying daughter license for gay parents

News_Annise Parker_Kathy Hubbard_Kay Parker_Marquitta Parker_Gloworama_Jan 2011
In this 2011 photo, Marquitta Parker, second from right, is seen with her grandmother, Kay Parker, far left, and mothers Kathy Hubbard, second from left and Annise Parker, right. Photo by Michelle Watson

While Mayor Annise Parker has been dealing with opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance for a while now, it seems that isn't the only thing causing her stress these days.

In January, Parker wed her longtime partner, Kathy Hubbard, in a ceremony in California. The two have raised three kids during the course of their 23-year relationship, and although they are legally married in California, the Texas Department of Public Safety did not to recognize such a union when their youngest daughter Marquitta went to take her drivers test. Parker took to Twitter to express her frustration with the situation:

After nearly 24 hours — and several trips to the DPS in Rosenberg — Parker returned to Twitter to announce that the situation had been resolved.

Janice Evans, Parker's communications director, says she is unable to comment on the situation as the mayor is out of town for a speech.

Texas DPS has come under fire in recent months for similar situations facing same-sex couples who married in other states and reside in Texas. Connie Wilson, who married her partner in California, was refused a driver's license in September as her last name did not match her birth certificate. She was denied despite providing her marriage license. 

“To receive a Texas Driver License or Identification Card reflecting a name change from a same-sex marriage, a court order is required,” a DPS spokesman told the Texas Observer then.

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