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Vandalism of Breakfast Klub's Obama mural goes national, rallies support for president

Breakfast Klub, new mural, October 2012, Barack Obama
A new image has been painted across the Breakfast Klub's well-known Obama mural, which was destroyed by two glass jars filled with red paint. Photo by Tyler Rudick
Breakfast Klub, new mural, October 2012, Barack Obama
Watch out, vandals . . . the president's not putting up with crap this time around. Photo by Tyler Rudick
News_Reginald Adams_head shot_column mug_THIS
Artist Reginald Adams, who painted the first mural, enjoyed a crowd of roughly 100 supporters Wednesday night as he created the new design. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
Breakfast Klub, new mural, October 2012, Barack Obama
Breakfast Klub, new mural, October 2012, Barack Obama
News_Reginald Adams_head shot_column mug_THIS

When life gives you lemons . . . paint a rockin' Obama mural with the help of the community.

Houston artist Reginald Adams enjoyed a crowd of about 100 supporters Wednesday night, as he set out to replace a well-known Barack Obama mural that was vandalized early Monday morning.

With the help of dozen volunteers, a new image — featuring the president in a vintage Uncle Sam-style pose — was hand-painted over the damaged "Hope" mural located on a building across from the Breakfast Klub, whose owner Marcus Davis commissioned the original piece for the 2008 campaign as well as this new project.

"This was an ugly situation that ended up turning into a thoughtful community engagem ent."

"It took us a while to work out the kinks with our LCD projectors and transfer the design, but by midnight were finished and packing up," Adams tells CultureMap. "We really had a great team helping out and the encouragement from people driving by and honking."

The Breakfast Klub hoped to hold the mural-painting event during presidential debate, but Tuesday's rain made for less-than-ideal work conditions.

"I've painted a lot of murals in my life and I've learned never to mess with Mother Nature," Adams laughs. "She wins every time. All that rain and moisture could have made a mess far worst than the vandalism itself."

The destruction of the '08 Obama mural has had a surprisingly positive impact in rallying local support for the president, Adams notes, especially after the Huffington Post made the story one of its lead art articles.

"This was an ugly situation that ended up turning into a thoughtful community engagement," he says. "I love making art with people like this and feel lucky to have had the opportunity. It was heaven for me."

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