Incredible Halloween Costumes

Incredible Halloween costume ideas: Sexy Annise Parker and a Game of Thrones stunner included

Incredible Halloween costume ideas: Sexy Annise Parker, fantasy & more

Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones
Dressing as the Dragon Queen would be perfect for a Game of Thrones fan.
Nicki Minaj Super Bass
Nicki Minaj's outfit from Super Bass is flashy, fun and sexy.
Jane Fonda workout
Imitating Jane Fonda's crazy 80s getups always makes for a great costume.
Annise Parker headshot
Take a note from Houston Mayor Annise Parker and rock a pantsuit.
Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones
Nicki Minaj Super Bass
Jane Fonda workout
Annise Parker headshot

If you're looking to show off your figure on Halloween this year, we've come up with a few costume options that probably aren't what you'd expect. From full-on sexy to sultry with a touch of silly, we hope our costume ideas inspire you as you prepare for October 31.

Nicki Minaj

Who doesn't want to don one of the outrageous get-ups Nicki Minaj wears while shaking her booty on stage? There's actually a few routes you could take for this costume.

If you want to purchase one, there are two pink and white jumpsuits — one in a giraffe-print and one with geometric accents (both are imitating her Super Bass ensemble) — which both cost less than $40. Otherwise, I recommend heading to your local thrift store to find some Nicki-worthy items. Think about combining brightly colored leggings with an equally bright bra, or maybe just something tight-fitting which features rhinestones or studs.

 Think about combining brightly colored leggings with an equally bright bra, or maybe just something tight-fitting. 

Add a crazy wig (this blond and pink one is perfect), flashy gold jewelry and some over-the-top makeup — false eyelashes included — and you've got yourself a sexy Halloween costume even Ms. Minaj would appreciate. 

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

As one of the sexiest characters on HBO's wildly popular show, Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen would make an excellent costume for a Game of Thrones fan. Wear a flowing maxi dress or long skirt paired with a strappy crop top (in terms of colors, think blues and neutral tones).

Complete the look with a long, white-blond wig — braided, of course — and a pair of heeled boots.


Channel your inner material girl this Halloween and imitate the original (and quintessentially sexy) Queen of Pop. You could channel the look from her early 1990s Blond Ambition Tour with a gold leotard with a pointed bra and a long blonde ponytail, or you can opt for her Like A Virgin look with a white tulle dress (complete with her "Boy Toy" belt) and a pair of lace gloves. 

Ana Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey

With the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey set to be released early next year, this costume is perfect for Halloween 2014. The best — and hottest — Ana Steele costume would probably involve a slinky black negligee (suggestions: a lace-trimmed one or a plain black one), stiletto heels and maybe a blindfold or handcuffs to complete the look.

If you've got a male companion, grey dress pants would be nice and suspenders are a must.

Jane Fonda

Even if you didn't watch the VHS tapes for yourself, you're still probably familiar with the incredible outfits worn by Jane Fonda and her workout pals on the exercise tapes she so famously appeared on. Show off your 1980s side in a boldly colored leotard with contrasting leggings. Make sure to complete your costume with some leg warmers and a headband to achieve the full Fonda effect.

 Make sure to complete your costume with some leg warmers and a headband to achieve the full Fonda effect. 

If you've got a date and want to have complimentary costumes, I wholeheartedly suggest they dress as workout guru Richard Simmons (the wig is the most important feature, of course).

Sexy Annise Parker

OK, before you shake your head at this one, just realize that it's probably the most creative costume you'll see. As we all know, Houston's mayor loves to wear pantsuits, so in order to make this costume a sexy one, simply wear a large power jacket — preferably in a primary color — as a dress (think Miley Cyrus at the Billboard Awards).

Coordinating pumps, a cropped blonde wig and pearl jewelry are clearly a must to complete this costume. And don't forget to smile and wave!

If your Halloween companion wants to get in on the fun, dressing as a member of the mayor's security detail — complete with an earpiece, of course — is a great option. Since the "mayor" is probably going to get a lot of attention with her costume (for several reasons, I might add), a security guard friend can help you handle potentially rowdy party-goers.