Tuesday deadline

Change Houston's future: Register to vote before it's too late

Change Houston's future: Register to vote before it's too late

OK, y'all. Tuesday is your last day to register to vote — and even if you're of the belief that national elections are an exercise in futility, you really can directly effect policies and spending right here in Harris County.  

Included among the City of Houston ballot measures

  • Proposition A, which totals $144 million in Public Safety Improvement Bonds and includes improvements to neighborhood police and fire stations. 
  • Proposition B, which totals $166 million in Park Improvement Bonds and includes citywide park improvements, pavilion replacements, swimming pool upgrades and trail replacements, with $100 million devoted to the Bayou Greenways Project (to be matched by $100 million raised from private entities and federal funds). 
  • Proposition C, which totals $57 million in Public Improvement Bonds and includes repairs and improvements to city facilities.
  • Proposition D, which totals $28 million in Library Improvement Bonds that will renovate or replace four area libraries. 
  • Proposition E, which totals $15 million in Bonds for Affordable Housing and translates to funding to "demolish blighted properties to provide locations for construction of affordable housing using federal funds."
  • General Mobility Program Referendum, which determines whether 25 percent of METRO's 1-cent sales tax revenue will continue to be distributed to street maintenance in its member jurisdictions or will remain with the transit authority for light rail expansion

Don't know if you're registered? Search the Texas Secretary of State's database by Texas driver's license number, voter ID number or first and last name. 

The masses will take to the polls on Election Day, Nov. 6, but early voting begins on Oct. 22. Find your location on the Harris County Clerk's website
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Time to cast your vote.