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Brown Hand doc doesn't dodge jail this time: Choking & sexually bothering flight attendants isn't forgiven

Dr. Michael Brown, in jail, jail cell
Photo illustration by Jan-Pieter Zuiderveen

A U.S. judge sentenced notorious Houston hand doctor Michael Brown to 30 days in a federal penitentiary for choking a flight attendant on a trans-Atlantic flight in January. (Brown also threatened to strip naked and allegedly sexually harassed flight attendants on the trip.)

In addition to the month of hard time, which is scheduled to begin Oct. 25 in Miami, the Brown Hand Center founder is required to undergo mental health treatment, substance abuse evaluation and anger management. A fine of $5,000 was thrown in for good measure.

Brown claimed to have little to no memory of his bizarre behavior during British Airways trek from London to Miami, initially pleading innocence and blaming the unforgettable scene on a mixture of sleeping pills and wine.

The doc's hard time will begin Oct. 25 in Miami. 

In July, however, the former doctor changed his plea to guilty. At the time, Brown's lawyer told the Houston Press' Craig Malisow that they fully expected to avoid jail time . . . Well, so much for that.

Beyond the flight attendant scenario, Brown has a full dance card this fall with proceedings for his divorce from fourth-wife Rachel Brown set to resume in Houston on Monday.

All the while, the doctor's Brown Medical Center — now under the guidance of chief restructuring officer — appears to be on the verge of accepting a bid from new owners who will guide the company through bankruptcy and some much-needed rebranding.

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