Water, water everywhere

Friday Night Floods leave latest mark: Sinkhole swallows cars in Galleria area

Friday Night Floods leave a mark: Sinkhole swallows cars near Galleria

Fountainview sinkhole
A sinkhole at Fairdale and Fountainview in southwest Houston is taking its toll on cars — and drivers. Photo by Jeremy Desel/KHOU 11 News

The Friday night floods sure left their mark on Houston. Automobiles in the parking garage at the Omni Hotel were flooded by the overflowing banks of Buffalo Bayou, rescue crews have ended a search for two men washed away on White Oak Bayou and a dangerous sinkhole is gobbling up cars near the Galleria.

KHOU Channel 11's Jeremy Desel reports that drivers have mistaken a sinkhole at the intersection of Fairdale and Fountain View for a large puddle, stranding their cars while trying to drive over the water, which is at least seven feet deep. 

Workers at a nearby restaurant construction site say they reported a big pothole to the city last Thursday but no one responded. The weekend downpours, exacerbated by a water main break, apparently expanded the pothole into an ever-expanding sinkhole.

On Monday afternoon, city crews closed one lane at the intersection to begin repairs.

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