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Jury verdict in Michael Brown assault case: Not guilty

Events_Michael Brown_August 10
Michael Brown Courtesy of Harris County Sheriff's Office

After several hours and a second morning of deliberations, the jury in the trial of Michael Brown has found him not guilty of the charge of assault on a family member.

The verdict was read to the packed courtroom just after 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning after a week of testimony. Brown, who had remained impassive throughout the trial, responded to the verdict by hugging attorneys Dick DeGuerin and Brian Wice.

Brown's charge dates to August 2010, when he was accused of throwing items (including a humanitarian award) at his wife Rachel and twisting her arm as she tried to leave their Memorial-area home.

While Brown's criminal charges are out of the way, the divorce case between Michael and Rachel Brown is set to be equally explosive and scheduled for later this year.

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