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Battle of the babes: Houston's hottest bachelorettes square off as bachelor underwear winner emerges

The people have spoken: Jake Joseph, the tall, dark and handsome designer behind an eponymous men's underwear line, has won the title of "Houston's Hottest Bachelor" with 27 percent of the vote in our CulturePoll

Second in line was fund manager James Sivco with 15 percent of the vote, with a tie for third place between Christopher R. Williams and Charles Clark, both coming in at 14 percent. 

CultureMap contributor Marcy de Luna also hand-selected a roster of brilliant, motivated babes for her first round up of Houston's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Now it's time to pick the lucky lady that you consider fairest.  

Are you into a gal who love her sports, or one who exudes joie de vivre? Do you prefer a glamorous television personality, or someone with a dedication to philanthropy? 

Make your vote count in our new Bachelorette CulturePoll. And this is no mere pride thing (as if that wouldn't be enough with these women). CultureMap video guru Joel Luks is scheming up quite the surprise for both winners. 

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