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An Owls Hoot: Rice University dominates prestigious best college rankings, including a huge No. 1 spot

News_Rice University_happy campus_statue_students
Rice University was ranked in nine out of the 62 categories in The 2014 edition of The Princeton Review's 378 Best Colleges.  Photo by Jeff Fitlow/Rice University
Rice University graduation graduates
Rice was ranked as number one for the Best Quality of Life and number two for the Happiest Students.  Photo courtesy of Rice University Public Affairs
News_Rice University_happy campus_statue_students
Rice University graduation graduates

There must be something in the water at Rice University or maybe the Owls have discovered the key to happiness and just haven't shared it yet. Yes, Houston's version of an Ivy League-level school is once again dominating Princeton Review's prestigious college rankings.

The Princeton Review surveyed students at the 378 top colleges about the quality of the academics, students and teachers at their school as well as the campus life and the social scene. 

Rice ranked in nine out of the 62 categories. After losing the No. 1 spot for "Best Quality of Life" to Bowdoin College last year, Rice reclaimed its recently customary top position. The school also took second in the "Happiest Students" rankings, a slight slip from the No. 1 spot the university held in the category the last two years.

Houston's version of an Ivy League-level school is once again dominating the rankings.

Following Claremont McKenna College and Bowdoin College, Rice is No. 3 in the "Best-Run Colleges" ratings. The school is No. 5 in the "Great Financial Aid" category.

Rice also ranked among the Top 20 schools for "Best Health Services," "Lots of Race/Class Interaction," "Town-Gown Relations are Great" and "Best Athletic Facilities."

Princeton Review ranked the University of Texas among the Top 20 party schools.

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