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UH on Most Sober List

University of Houston a no party school? UH joins BYU on Most Sober Universities list

Places-Unique-University of Houston-students
University of Houston students would rather go to class and study than party. Courtesy of University of Houston
Kemah Boardwalk's International Beer Fest 2014
No beer here. Other schools on the most sober list include Brigham Young University and West Point. Courtesy photo
Preservation Houston Architecture Walk: University of Houston
The University of Houston ranked 18th on the list of the nation's most sober schools. Photo by Jim Parsons
BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk is the beverage of choice at BYU. Photo courtesy of Brigham Young University
Places-Unique-University of Houston-students
Kemah Boardwalk's International Beer Fest 2014
Preservation Houston Architecture Walk: University of Houston
BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk

Making the Top 20 of the Most Sober Universities in the country is sure to please school administrators and parents footing tuition bills, so kudos to the teetotaling students at the University of Houston for just saying no partying and yes to studying.

 UH clocked in at number 18 on the list, compiled by the Princeton Review, joining a band of small private, religious universities for the respected, if not slightly boring honor. 

UH clocked in at number 18 in the new most sober rankings, compiled by the Princeton Review, joining a band of small private, religious universities for the respected, if not slightly boring honor. The rest of the list is comprised primarily of liberal arts colleges and military academies.

Not surprisingly, Brigham Young University, a school owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was named the most “stone cold” of the bunch. BYU’s website posted a picture of BYU Creamery chocolate milk, inviting students and school supporters to toast its top no-party ranking for the 17th consecutive year.

The fact that UH is neither a private nor religious-based university, makes the ranking a bit curious. In the past, some could argue that as a commuter school, UH students were (wisely) avoiding drinking and driving, but now the school is second only to Texas A&M University in terms of on-campus housing, so students could attend a party or two and safely return to their dorm or apartment.

The University of Dallas, Irving, Texas was the only other Texas school to rank on the sober list. No other Texas universities ranked on either Top 20 Party Schools or the Top 20 Most Sober Schools.

After BYU, Wheaton College in Illinois, the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California rounded out the top five list of sober schools. Syracuse University in New York state was deemed the No. 1 party school in the nation.

The Princeton Review determined the rankings by visiting campuses across the nation, asking an average of 125 students per campus questions pertaining to partying, studying and other elements of college life. An estimated tens of thousands of college students participated in the study.

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