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The ultimate Silly String fight breaks out in Houston: Kids take no prisoners in messy Children's Museum battle

The Children's Museum of Houston became a tangled web of excitement recently when a special guest who is being celebrated during two weeks of activities there showed up for the facility's first ever "Silly String Showdown."

Yes, it was Spider-Man who led the day of creating superhero accessories, learning how spiders weave webs, protecting your secret identity — and duking it out for fun with Silly String.

The kids received Spider-Man shirts for participating in the big Silly String match. The young superheroes also donned protective eyewear and plastic caps before entering "battle."

The two teams took their marks behind the roped-off field.

Let that string fly!

It was organized chaos as the teams tried to cover each other with Silly String.

During and afterward, participants were all smiles — and all stringy.

The pumped up kids went through more than 20 cans of Silly String per team and had a blast while spraying their opponents. Ye-gads! Look at all that Silly String!

Of course, Spidey posed for photos with fans.

And more fans.

And especially mini-Spidies.

Later, Spider-Man performed acrobatic feats for an enthusiastic audience. See you next year, Spider-Man!

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