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Bikinis, Texas draws in Anderson Cooper: Breastaurant town proves irresistible to CNN anchor

Austin photo: News_Mike_Bikinis, TX_Server
Bikinis Texas is not shy about putting itself out there.
Anderson Cooper, The RidicuList, Bikinis, Texas
Texas got a CNN send-up thanks to the new town of Bikinis, Texas. CNN/YouTube
Anderson Cooper, The RidicuList, Bikinis, Texas
Anderson Cooper popped the story on his Ridiculist, making a pretty funny Bikini Atoll joke . . . nice one, Coop! CNN/YouTube

It was only a matter of time before the Bikinis, Texas story made its way to Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist. The tale — man makes millions with Hooters-style breastaurant chain named Bikinis, man buys town and names it after company — was simply too big to stay within Lone Star State borders.

"I'm not personally familiar with this establishment," Cooper begins, "but I'd imagine it's some sort of theme restaurant involving the history of the nuclear weapons tests on the Bikini Atoll in the 1940s . . . No? Oh, um. OK."

The beloved news anchor continues with a quick description and a final assessment. "Basically, it's Hooters without all the oppressive Victorian clothing."

Catch the rest of Anderson's bit above.

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