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Animal Planet star Turtleman rescues Houston beauty salon from bats

Ernie Brown Turtleman Animal Planet with turtle
When the owner of Jazzy Girl Beauty Boutique heard sounds in her ceiling she called Turtleman.
Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique reception, waiting area
Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique will be featured on the Animal Planet hit series Sunday at 8 p.m. Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique/Facebook
Events_generic_bats_April 10
There were bats in the salon! Photo by sirtrentalot
Ernie Brown Turtleman Animal Planet with turtle
Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique reception, waiting area
Events_generic_bats_April 10
Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique
Get Directions - 2015 W. Alabama Houston

Appearing  on Animal Planet was the last thing Velma Trayham expected when she opened Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique four years ago. However, an upcoming episode of Call of the Wildman will feature a batty story about this beauty salon — literally.

When Trayham started hearing squeaks in the ceiling she wrote it off to the creaky old building on West Alabama near Shepherd. As the sounds persisted, she worried that it could be critters living inside. Her 14-year-old son suggested she call Turtleman, the star of one his favorit shows, to come to the rescue.

 “Turtleman is known for getting the animal without harming it. He is passionate about what he does.”  

Ernie Brown Jr., known as “Turtleman,” his dog Lolly, and friend Neal James are stars of the hit show, where they catch snapping turtles, raccoons, and other wildlife and release them in the wild.

Though Trayham had only seen the show once, she tracked him down. “I knew that if I called anyone else they would put down poison and I didn’t want it to affect my clients,” she said in a CultureMap interview. “Turtleman is known for getting the animal without harming it. He is passionate about what he does.” 

Luckily for her, Turtleman and his crew were already in Texas when she called, so they rushed to help. It was just another normal day at Jazzy Girls when Turtleman and his 10-person team arrived and discovered 20 bats holed up in a storage closet at the back of the salon. 

It took them eight hours to solve the problem. When he emerged, "he took away the bats and I don’t want to know what he did with them," Trayham said. She'll have to wait until she watches the show Sunday at 8 p.m. to see what happens. She says she can't wait.

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