Museum District Shoot-Out

Office and art studio worker tricks and shoots would-be robbers in Museum District drama

Office & art studio worker tricks and shoots would-be Museum robbers

Crime scene, crime scene tape
An attempted morning robbery left two suspects wounded outside the Caroline Collective on Thursday. Criminology Careers
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The popular co-working space has seen an untick in crime during the past year. Art at Indigo
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The courtyard at the co-working space offers a shaded retreat for the artists, writers and nonprofits that call the Caroline home. Photo by Dyan Cannon
Crime scene, crime scene tape
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News_Tyler Rudick_Caroline Collective_co-working_common room_Courtyard

The bucolic tree-lined streets of the Museum District witnessed gunfire Thursday morning when a member of the Caroline Collective warded off a group of robbers with a handgun.

Jodi Silva with the Houston Police Department tells CultureMap the shooting occurred at 7 a.m. just outside the shared co-working office and art studio space at Caroline and Rosedale.

The as-of-yet unnamed victim was stepping out of his Jeep Cherokee when three armed men approached and demanded money. Saying that he needed to get cash inside the SUV, the victim reached in and grabbed his own personal firearm instead and shot two of the robbers.

 "It could have been much, much worse." 

The suspects fled the scene, grabbing the man's gun in the process. On the run, one robber collapsed with a bullet wound to the abdomen while the two others escaped and tossed aside the victim's revolver. Blocks away, police later recovered a hooded sweatshirt and bandana as well as another handgun.

Silva reports that the man shot in the stomach was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital, where his condition remains unknown. Another robber was spotted soon after the incident at a West Alabama convenience store, where he told people he had been shot in the hand. He and the third suspect are still missing.

"It could have been much, much worse," Caroline Collective co-founder Ned Dodington tells CultureMap. 

With the organization having called the Museum District home for the five years, Dodington (who was not involved in the shooting) notes an uptick in incidents this past year, including an October break-in and a recent confrontation just outside the building. He and his colleagues have ramped up security.

"Development seems to be happening at a faster and faster pace and the neighborhood is definitely changing," Dodington says, describing the new houses and condos popping up throughout the area.

"Violence like this is distressing, but, ultimately, it doesn't change the way I feel about neighborhood safety . . .  I think this is still a great place."