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Don't diss Don! Sure the tropical storm turned into a dud, but check out the Dons who do us proud

News_Donatella Versace_for H&M
Don (-atella) Versace Courtesy of H&M
News_Jeremy_Election 2012_Donald Trump
Don Trump Photo by Alex Brandon/AP
The sky at dawn. Photo by Hans Hillewaert
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News_Donald Glover
News_Don Quixote_painting
News_Donald Duck
News_Donny Osmond
News_Donatella Versace_for H&M
News_Jeremy_Election 2012_Donald Trump
News_Donatello_Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tropical Storm Don is on his way, but he isn't exactly getting the respect that he deserves.

Some people are whining about how Don just isn't a good hurricane name. It's not strong and powerful enough. But let's be real, it's a tropical storm, not an actual hurricane. And not much of a tropical storm at that — it's already pretty much fizzled out.

Not cool Don. Here are some Dons that do make the name legitimate though:

Donald Glover

Before he portrayed former high school quarterback and prom king Troy Barnes on NBC's Community, he was a writer for The Daily Show and 30 Rock. So, obviously, this Don is funny as hell, which is worth major cool points. He also raps in his spare time under the name mc DJ, which equals even more cool points. 

And he's a snazzy dresser. This Don's got the entire cool package. I'm sold.

Don Quixote

So he had a little mix-up with a windmill. We all have incidents that we wish would go away. The best thing about this famous Don is that he's immortalized in Disney World's "It's A Small World" ride. How much cooler can you get?

Donald Duck

He single-wingedly paved the way for young stars like Taylor Momsen to not wear pants. Talk about a trailblazer.

Donny Osmond

He's a double-Don (if you move around some letters in his last name), so that's pretty neat. He's also got some pretty sweet dance moves, as evidence by his Dancing With The Stars win. 

Also, he's Donny Osmond.

Donatella Versace

Another trailblazer in the fashion community, but not just because she heads up the haus Versace. Donatella made it acceptable for girls everywhere to fake tan until they look like an Oompa-Loompa and then bleach their hair within an inch of its life. See: Lindsay Lohan.

Donald Trump

He's got loads o' money. End of discussion.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, not the artist. While everyone's a fan of a good ol' Renaissance sculpture, the TMNT is known for being the most peaceful of the four. Instead of fighting the evils of the world with violence, Donatello often used his knowledge as power. Respect.


Dawn, by definition, is the first appearance of light in the morning followed by the sunrise. Anyone can see dusk, but you either have to stay up super late or get up super early to witness dawn. It is this elusive nature that makes dawn cool. 


How meta is this? Hurricanes are part of the predicted Armageddon, and Don is part of Armageddon. 

Think Don is a bad name for a hurricane? Just wait for what the rest of this season has in store: Franklin, Gert and Harvey.

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