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Something to cluck about: How to (legally) raise chicks in the city

News_Katie Oxford_Anna_chickens
Learn how to raise chicks in the city at a lecture at Wabash Antiques & Feed. Photo by Katie Oxford

In the back-to-basics movement, an increasing number of urban dwellers who want to live a greener live are curious about raising their own chickens. In Houston, you can raise chickens in your back yard, but coops have to be 100 feet from your neighbor's dwelling. Hens for Houston has been working to revise the ordinance but city council has yet to act. In the meantime, the folks at Wabash Antiques & Feed Store are offering a free lecture on poultry-raising basics Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

In this week's CultureMap Moment, Joel Luks visits with the Wabash expert to find out everything you need to know to legally raise chicks in the city.

See the video here:

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