In The Smilebooth

What was he really thinking? Masked man at CultureMap Summer Social reveals some deep thoughts

A masked gent, possibly the most interesting man in the world, brought tequila (snowcones) to the thirsty crowds at CultureMap's Summer Social — as well as smiles and crazy-fun to the Smilebooth.

Among the 250 party-goers, the brand ambassador for El Jimador worked the crowd with ease at 1919 Wine & Mixology, proving that even the dog days of summer can be most exciting. 

But what was he really thinking? We elicited a mindreader to find out.


"I don't go out much, but when I do, beautiful women flock to me."

"I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth, I knew not where."

"Contemplating world issues."

"We look marvelous! We are marvelous!"

"Si! No. Yes, Oui! I like to act like I'm French. And both cheeks are good, please."

"Tres amigos! (Not counting me.)"

"Why are people laughing?"

"Who is that imposter who's always saying, 'Stay thirsty'? I need a drink over here!"

"This guy thinks I'm joking, but I am not!"

"Charlie's Angels, no?"

"Stare into my clear, blue, most handsome eyes."

"My brother from another mother."

"We are fierce, we are strong!"

"My fans! How they adore me!"

"At last, I have the photo booth to myself. Profile shot!"